SL Start and Associates is a diversified and innovative human and health services company focused on a wide range of social, employment and long-term care services for adults and children with developed mental disabilities throughout Idaho,

Washington and Oregon.


SL Start was founded in 1979 by ​Stephen Start. With our founder Stephen Start's dedication; SL Start was setting standards for programs and policies at the state and federal level long before the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This act made providing equal opportunities for employment and living for people with disabilities a national policy. 

It is in this spirit that we remain at the forefront of the continued progress toward true and meaningful community integration for all people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities. For us, this is more than our work. It’s our mission.

SL Start maintains the vision of tailoring supports and services to the individual need. We believe in partnership and collaboration, honoring preferences and supporting dreams. We strive to empower and believe that every person has the right and the ability to live with success.


Every person has unique hopes, interests and desires for their life. People with developmental disabilities are no different. SL Start's programs enable you to be who you are and gain a voice for your own life and future. With a little support you will do and achieve more than you ever imagined.  We'll help you find out and provide you with support, training and choices to reach your dreams.

We personalize our services to meet each person's and individual's needs and preferences. We create an environment that values and releases the talent, energy and creativity of our teammates. Our goal is to show our individuals that you can achieve anything. If you feel that your options are limited, then you'll be pleasantly surprised with what we have to offer.


SL Start's supported living services are uniquely created with the specific needs of each individual in mind.

We want people to experience success and be empowered for their future.


Our trained staff support individuals in all aspects of maintaining their own home including aspects such as use of 

appliances, personal safety, managing prescription medication, and safely navigating their community.


Developing, coordinating and implementing functional life skills provides individuals essential training as they transition into a more independent environment. 

SL Start provides a complete compliment and wide-range of training those essential skills.



Hundreds of professionals make up our team. They work together to provide quality care for all of our residents, along with services that assist those we work with to successfully integrate into the neighborhoods where they live. 
Executive Director of ID, NV, OR
Statewide ICF Clinical Director
Amelia PepperDay, RN, PHN, MSN, MBA
State Training Director
Regional Director
Regional Director
State Quality Improvement Director
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It is our mission to promote engagement with all persons that support our clients, follow person-centered practices, and support the highest level of independence possible for the individuals we serve, grounded in professional standards in the field.


We utilize an interdisciplinary approach utilizing feedback from the entire team which consists of the individuals, families, caregivers, guardians, Nursing, Mental Health Professionals and/or BCBA.






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