Our Supported Living, also referred to as Residential Habilitation (ResHab), programs are a community-based service that empowers people with developmental and  intellectual disabilities to create and live their own lives in the community. The people we support have power, choices, and the supports they need to pursue an active, productive, and enriched life.


Our program is designed to promote human rights, increase opportunity, and encourage active participation in the community for all people with disabilities.


We offer services for people with any type of challenge, barrier, or need, including significant medical issues or behaviors that interfere with quality of life.

The individuals we support live in their own homes or apartments. Each individual is empowered to make their own choices, including where to live, who to live with, where to work, and how to spend their time.


Those supported by SL Start's Supported Living services are empowered, included, and embraced as valued members of the community.

Find Your Home with Us is a complete online directory of all our supported living homes throughout Idaho. Whether you are a parent, friend, case worker, or agency of an individual looking for a placement, we invite to look through the listings.

SL Start | Coeur d'Alene
280 W Prairie Ave., #4
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815
(208) 772-4639

ConnectMe Responsive Resolution

(866) 468-7648

SL Start | Boise
12553 W Explorer Drive., Suite 190
Boise, Idaho 83713
(208) 972-5252
SL Start | Twin Falls
1166 Eastland Drive N., Suite A
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
(208) 732-0910

Fraud & Ethics Violation Reporting Hotline

(877) 212-6499

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